N° 23 (2023)

Partnership Re-creations in World Literatures and the Arts

Antonella Riem, Stefano Mercanti

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Poems PDF
Andrew Taylor 6-8
Poems PDF
Lance Henson 9-13
Poesie PDF
Giuseppe Ramires 14-16


“Something there is that doesn’t love a wall”: Collaboration and Interdisciplinarity PDF
Linda Hutcheon, Michael Hutcheon 17-28
A New Version of “The Ways on Earth” by Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex PDF
Carlo M. Bajetta 29-36
Australian Fiction and the Lure of Painting PDF
Michael Ackland 37-50
Reversing Midsummer: Alexander Ekman’s Dance-Theatre Adaptation of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream PDF
Mattia Mantellato 51-69
Envelopes of Air: Poetic Correspondence as Partnership PDF
Valeria Strusi 70-84
Inclusive Artistic and Literary Narratives in Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Half of a Yellow Sun PDF
Costanza Mondo 85-95
Of Rainbow and Granite: Androgynous Narrative in Virginia Woolf’s Orlando and Ali Smith’s How to Be Both PDF
Giuseppe De Riso 96-107
Il personaggio di Dr Jekyll nella serie tv Penny Dreadful: un’analisi transmediale e postcoloniale PDF
Nunzio Bellassai 108-128


A Multimedia Artist in an Ever-changing World: An Interview with Samit Basu PDF
Elisabetta Marino 129-134


The Ridge and the Song. Sailing the Archipelago of Poetry, by Francesco Benozzo PDF
Coral Ann Howells 135-137
Dwelling on Grief: Narratives of Mourning Across Time and Forms, by Simona Corso, Florian Mussgnug & Jennifer Rushworth PDF
Michela Compagnoni 138-140
Neurocognitive Interpretations of Australian Literature: Criticism in the Age of Neuroawareness, by Jean-François Vernay PDF
Anne Holm 141-144