N° 12 (2014)

Special Issue: "Cultures and Imperialisms"

Antonella Riem, Stefano Mercanti

Maria Paola Guarducci, Annalisa Oboe

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Said’s Contrapuntal Reading and the Event of Postcolonial Literature PDF
Serena Guarracino 11-26
Reading Contrapuntally Now PDF
Pier Paolo Frassinelli 27-40
Global South ‘in Theory’ and Southern Epistemology PDF
Luigi Cazzato 41-52
A Meditation on Said’s Beginnings: Reconsidering Text and Career as Sites of Power and Resistance PDF
Vincenzo Salvatore 53-74
The Place of Servants in Edward Said’s Out of Place PDF
Denise DeCaires Narain 75-92
Reading Edward Said in Myanmar: Traveling Theories after Culture and Imperialism PDF
Lars Jensen 93-109
Bodies in Transit: The Imperial Mechanism of Biopolitics PDF
Claudia Gualtieri 110-126
Postcolonial Antarctica and the Memory of the Empire of Ice PDF
Nicoletta Brazzelli 127-141
Post-Imperial Culture and its Melancholies: From Théophile Gautier’s Constantinople of To-day to Orhan Pamuk’s Istanbul. Memories of a City PDF
Norbert Bugeja 142-165
Chattering Classes/Twittering Revolutionaries: Social Media, and the Arab Spring PDF
Jhon C. Hawley 166-184
'Overlapping Territories, Intertwined Histories’ in Postcolonial Art PDF
Michaela Quadraro 185-200
Grading Cultural Imperialism in English Language Theory and Practice PDF
Roberta Cimarosti 201-219
In Times of Peace: Negotiating the Orient in Tokyo Year Zero by David Peace PDF
Nicoletta Vallorani 220-238
Shifting Statuses and Lasting Codes in Janice Kulyk Keefer’s The Green Library PDF
Francesca Romana Paci 239-255
“Snapshots of Caliban”: Suniti Namjoshi’s ‘Contrapuntal Rewriting’ of The Tempest PDF
Stefania Basset 256-273
A Reading of the Imperial Theme in Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra PDF
Edvige Pucciarelli 274-289
Yeats’ Imagined Ireland and Postcolonial Theory PDF
Fabio Luppi 290-306
Stevenson in the Pacific: A Problematic View of Cultures and Imperialisms PDF
Paola Della Valle 307-322
Irony and the Absurd in Joseph Conrad’s “An Outpost of Progress” PDF
Maria Paola Guarducci 323-342