N° 18 (2018)

“Always on the other side”: Migrations and Shape-Shifting Identities in Anglophone Literatures

Antonella Riem, Stefano Mercanti, Pietro Deandrea

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Always on the Other Side PDF
Pietro Deandrea
Arms Outstretched PDF
Roy McFarlane
In Memoriam: Wilson Harris PDF
John Thieme
Bridging the Divide (A Voice from the Other) PDF
Lance Henson
Poems PDF
Tom Petsinis
Poems PDF
Jaydeep Sarangi


Elsewhere and Here: Revisiting the Colonial Encounter from the Perspective of the Global South in The Gurugu Pledge PDF
Roger Bromley
"We Need New Names" by NoViolet Bulawayo. Paradigms of Migration: The Flight and the Fall PDF
Carmen Concilio
In Every Holt and Heath: Spatial Counter-Actions in Contemporary British Literature on Migrants PDF
Pietro Deandrea
Migration and Multiplicity of Belonging in Caryl Phillips PDF
Paola Della Valle
Re-Drawing Heterotopias: Challenging Refugee Camps as Other Spaces in Kate Evans’ Threads: From the Refugee Crisis PDF
Ilaria Oddenino
L’identità femminile – personale, sociale e globale – in Love in a Headscarf di Janmohamed e The Caged Virgin di Hirsi Ali PDF
Ellen Patat
Hostile Country, Hospitable Language: Telling Stories to Survive History. Contemporary Attempts in British Literature and Theatre to Reshape the Language of Migration PDF
Daniela Salusso
“Not South”: The Great Migration in Langston Hughes’ “One-Way Ticket” PDF
Adriano Elia
From and to Paris: Experiences of Migration in The Book of Salt PDF
Nadia Priotti
Passages to India: Santha Rama Rau’s Adaptation of E. M. Forster’s Novel for the Stage PDF
Paola Carmagnani
Memory and Negotiations of Identity in Train to Pakistan PDF
Giuseppe De Riso
The Enigma of Identity: A Reading of Anil’s Ghost by Michael Ondaatje PDF
Pier Paolo Piciucco
Le sirene in Tomasi di Lampedusa e le possibili fonti PDF
Fabiana Savorgnan Cergneu di Brazzà
Traditional Hindu Elements in Kiran Desai’s The Inheritance of Loss PDF
Maria Camilla Di Tullio
Rooting Identities: Derek Walcott’s Connection(s) with the Caribbean Environment PDF
Mattia Mantellato
The Ground Beneath Her Feet: Myth, Migration and Identity in Salman Rushdie PDF
Pierpaolo Martino
Old Calabria di Norman Douglas come ricerca del senso perduto PDF
Miriam Sette
Archaeologies of Diving: Paul Carter’s Engagement with Italy PDF
Paul Carter, Roberta Trapè


Imagination, Meditation and the Mind: Reflections on Coleridge and Contemplation PDF
Antonella Riem Natale
Forme dell’interregno PDF
Serena Guarracino
Dialoghi traduttologici PDF
Franca Cavagnoli
Narrating the Passions. New Perspectives from Modern and Contemporary Literature PDF
Claudia Cao
Sguardo inglese e Mediterraneo italiano PDF
Marta Cariello
La letteratura dal punto di vista degli scrittori PDF
Giuseppina Botta
Criticism in the Optative Mood: Antonella Riem’s A Gesture of Reconciliation PDF
Paul Kane


The Legacy of Conquest: In Conversation with Sir Wilson Harris PDF
John Thieme
Painting the Australian Landscape with a South-Asian Brush: An Interview with Roanna Gonsalves PDF
Pilar Royo-Grasa
The Journey of a Poet: An Interview of Bibhu Padhi PDF
Mahuya Bhaumik